Zwack Palinka Futyulos Apricot

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A Zwack brandy

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A popular saying in Hungary says: what can be used to prepare jam can also be used to produce pálinka. Pálinka is a type of fruit brandy, distilled from a variety of fruits grown mainly on the Great Hungarian Plains. Pálinka has a long history, dating back more than 500 years. Originally  used to be considered more as a medicine than a drink, as it was believed to be a digestive.


The perfect gift. The Fütyülős pálinka is made from assorted fruits. After the distillation the pálinka is aging for 3 months on apricot bed, where it gets the rich and fruity flavour. It is best enjoyed at room temperature.


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Country Hungary
Style Fruity
ABV 37.5%
  • brandy
  • apricot
  • palinka
  • hungary
  • 100 Slurper Rating

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