Allegrini Grappa di Amarone - 50cl

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An Allegrini grappa

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The Allegrini family estate covers 100 hectares of vineyard in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico area. The family has been growing grapes here for six generations, but the estate in its current form was founded by Giovanni Allegrini. The Amarone marc is pressed, and the resulting liquid is distilled to produce a distillate of about 75 % alc. Distilled water is then added. Before being bottled, the distillate (brandy) is refrigerated at a temperature of about - 10° c. for about 48 hours and then filtered. The Grappa ages in oak barrels  for 12 months. 


Clear and bright, this is a very clean and pure grappa. It is smooth on the palate with notes of cherry on the finish.

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Country Italy
Region Veneto
Grape 80% Corvina/Corvinone 15% Rondinella 5% Oseleta
Volume 50cl
Style Grappa
ABV 43.0%
  • italian
  • aperitif
  • grappa
  • 100 Slurper Rating

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