Niizawa Hakurakusesi Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 72cl

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A Niizawa Sake Brewing Co. sake

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This Niizawa Sake Brewing Company was established in 1873, Mr. Iwao Niizawa, the fifth generation of this brewery took over the business 9 years ago, and became the youngest master sake brewer in history. The Niizawa brewery was gravely affected by the earthquake that caused so much destruction in this part of Japan, and in a show of solidarity breweries from across the country helped rebuild Niizawa following the earthquake and it is now situated on higher ground, where the bedrock is more solid. Today, the brewery stands tall, a reminder of the struggles of the past and Mr Niizawa’s optimism for the future.


Rich flavours of rice, and a soft, round texture, this is a textbook Junmai style. It has a pronounced savoury and mineral flavour with a lingering finish. An excellent Sake.

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Country Japan
Volume 72cl
ABV 15.5%
  • 100 Slurper Rating

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